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Free vax for those above 18 in Delhi: Kejriwal

New Delhi, Apr 26 (MNN) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Monday that his government has decided to administer coronavirus vaccine free of cost to all above the age of 18 in the national capital.

He said that coronavirus continues to cause ‘zabardast kehar (tremendous havoc) across the country and that vaccination seemed the only solution.

The Delhi government would try to start the vaccination drive across the capital very soon on a large scale and was in the process of making the plan in this regard, he said.

The government had ordered 134 lakh vaccines for the purpose, Kejriwal said.

He pointed out that it had been seen that those who had received the vaccine did not get virus infection and even if they did, they got only mild infection and did not need hospitalisation.

The Chief Minister pointed out that the UK too had faced a similar bad coronavirus situation a few months ago but tackled the situation through vaccination.

Kejriwal also demanded a uniform price for the vaccine across India.

‘One vaccine manufacturer says he will give it for Rs 400. Another says will give it for Rs 600. The Centre gets it for Rs 150. There should be one price for all.”

He pointed out that one manufacturer had said that his company was making profit even after selling the vaccine for Rs 150.

“It is time to help humanity and now to profit from the situation. Across the country, the Centre and various states have capped the prices of medicines, and charges to be levied by hospitals for treatment of corona patients. So, it is time to cap the price of coronavirus vaccine also.”

He appealed to the manufactures to bring the vax price down to Rs 150. “It is not the time to profit. I appeal to the Centre to cap the vaccine price at Rs 150.”
Kejriwal also pointed out that even those below the age of 18 were getting infected.

“We have to think if they too have to be given the same vaccine or a new vaccine needs to be developed,” he said.

He said that his government was making efforts to increase beds for coronavirus patients in Delhi. “The Radhasoami sect has set up a centre with 150 beds, which will be soon increased to 500 and ultimately to 5,000 beds.

“We are also trying to ensure more facilities with oxygen beds and hope that Delhi residents will benefit,” he remarked.

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