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Record 4,205 more corona deaths, over 3.48 lakh new cases in India

Stock Photo: Syaibatul Hamdi/Pixabay

New Delhi, May 12 (MNN) India on Wednesday recorded 3,48,421
new cases and a record high of 4,205 more fatalities due to the virus in the last 24 hours, the Health Ministry data showed.

The active cases in the country now total 37,04,099, or 15.87 per cent of the total patients reported so far. There was a net decrease of 11,122 during the period.

The discharged patients increased to 1,93,82,642, which is 83.04 per cent of the total cases, with 3,55,338 more recoveries in the last 24 hours.

The corona death toll in India has gone up to 2,54,197, which is 1.09 per cent of the 2,33,40,938 confirmed cases in the country.

The total vaccination as per the data collated till 8 am on May 12 total 17,52,35,991, an increase of 24,46,674 in the last 24 hours.

Maharashtra now has 5,61,347 active cases, a net increase of 31,803 over the previous day’s figure. The discharge cases increased to 45,41,391 as 71,966 more recoveries were reported. The state’s death toll is 77,191 due to 793 more fatalities.

Gujarat has 1,31,832 active cases, with 4,326 more added to yesterday’s tally. The discharge cases totalled 5,63,133 as 15,198 recoveries were reported. The western state’s corona death toll is 8,629 due to 118 more casualties.

In Delhi, the active cases total 83,809 as 1,449 more were added to the tally. The discharge cases went up to 12,44,880 with 13,583 more recoveries. The death toll is 20,010 as 347 more patients succumbed to the virus.

Uttar Pradesh added a net 9,214 new cases to take its active cases tally to 2,16,057 while its discharge cases increased to 13,13,112 with the addition of 29,358 patients in the last 24 hours. A total of 301 more fatalities took the death toll in the state to 16,043.

Andhra Pradesh has 1,95,102 active cases due to addition of 5,735 more to yesterday’s tally. The discharge cases have gone up to 11,18,933 as 14,502 more persons were cured, discharged or migrated. A total of 108 more deaths tool the state’s toll to 8,899.

In Karnataka, the active cases are 5,87,472due to an increase of 16,446 compared with the earlier figure, with discharge cases increasing to 14,05,869 as 22,584 more were added to the tally in the last 24 hours. The death toll in the southern state are 19,852 with the demise of 480 more patients.

Kerala recorded a net increase of 4,233 new cases to take its active cases tally to 4,24,309 while 32,978 more recoveries took the discharge cases to 15,37,138. A total of 79 more fatalities took the southern state’s death toll to 5,958.

In Bihar, the active cases climbed up to 1,02,100 as 3,004 more were added to the tally while the discharged, cured or migrated cases went up to 5,07,041 with the addition of 13,852 more cases. A total of 72 casualties took the state’s death toll to 3,429.

Haryana has 1,08,997 active cases as 4,235 were added to the previous figure. The recovery of 15,728 more patients took the total such cases to 5,25,345 while 144 fatalities took the state’s corona death toll to 5,910.

Tamil Nadu has 1,62,181 active cases as 9,792 more were reported in the last 24 hours. The discharge cases are 12,60,150 as 19,182 more were added to the category while 298 deaths took the state’s corona toll to 16,178.

The government said that 13 states cumulatively account for 82.51 per cent of India’s total active cases, including Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

It said that new recoveries were more than new daily cases for the second consecutive day.

Ten states account for 71.58 per cent of the new recoveries.

The Indian government said that 9,200 oxygen concentrators, 5,243 cylinders, 19 generation plants, 5,913 ventilators/Bi PAP and 3.44 lakh Remdesivir vials received as part of global aid had been delivered or dispatched to states and UTs to strengthen the battle against coronavirus.

The vaccine doses administered in India totalled 17,52,35,991, given through 25,47,534 sessions, as per the provisional report till 7 am on Wednesday.

These include 95,82,449 healthcare workers given the 1st dose and 65,39,376 others the 2nd dose, 1,41,49,634 frontline workers (1st dose), 79,52,537 others (2nd dose), 30,44,463 beneficiaries in 18-45 age group (1st dose), 5,58,83,416 (1st dose) and 78,36,168 (2nd dose) beneficiaries aged 45 to 60 years, 5,39,59,772 1st dose beneficiaries and 1,62,88,176 2nd dose beneficiaries of more than 60 years.

Ten states account for 66.67 per cent of the cumulative doses given so far in the country.

A total of 4,79,282 beneficiaries in the 18-44 age group received their first dose in the last 24 hours and cumulatively 30,44,463 persons across 30 states/UTs had been inoculated since the start of phase-3 of vaccination drive.

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