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Dhankhar flags ‘lawlessness’ in Bengal, TMC hits back with nepotism charge

TMC MP Mahua Moitra. Photo: @MahuaMoitra/Twitter

Kolkata, June 6 (MNN) The political recriminations between the ruling Trinamool Congress and the BJP again burst out in the open on Sunday, with West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar saying the Chief Secretary has been called to brief him on Monday on steps to contain ‘post-poll violence’ and TMC taking a dig at Dhankhar and accusing him of “nepotism”.

The war of words began when the Governor tweeted: “Extremely alarming scenario. Security environment seriously compromised. With each (passing) day, the state is sliding into lawlessness and vindictive actions are on the rise.

“Response or lack of it of Kolkata Police on May 17 when there was ‘seize’ (sic) of CBI office by rogue elements and dharna by the Chief Minister shows it at its nadir.

“In such a grim situation, the Chief Secretary be called upon to brief me urgently on the law and order situation on June 7 and indicate all steps taken to contain post-poll violence.”

TMC MP Mahua Moitra hit back with a tweet: “Uncle ji (sic), the only way West Bengal’s “grim situation” will improve is if you move your sorry self back to Delhi and find another job.”

“Some suggestions: 1. Advisor to (Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister) Ajay Bisht on how best to ‘Thok Do’ opposition 2. Adviser to Home Minister on how best to hide during a pandemic,” she added.

In another tweet, the Trinamool Congress MP posted: “And Uncle ji, while you’re at it- take the extended family you’ve settled in at WB Raj Bhavan with you.” She tagged along a list of persons said to be the relatives of or those close to Dhankhar.

The Governor also said in his tweet that the state was in the grip of “unprecedented post-poll retributive violence at unimaginable scale”, with lakhs of people displaced and property worth hundreds of crores vandalised.

“Rampant vandalism and hooliganism has resulted in large-scale arson, loot, destruction of property. Numerous instances of rapes and killings at the hands of rogue elements who have no fear of law. People are suffering targeted violence for ‘daring’ to vote against ruling dispensation.”

Dhankhar claimed that there was a state of “anarchy and lawlessness”.

“All elements of the ‘police state’ are amply reflected. Democratic values are openly shredded and trampled by ruling party supporters. People are in mortal fear of police and that in turn is at the feet of ruling party rogue elements.”

He also accused the police of engaging as an extension of ruling dispensation to let loose vindictiveness on political opponents.

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