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West Bengal extends corona restrictions till June 30 but with more relaxations

Lockdown. Stock photo: Queven/Pixabay

Kolkata, June 14 (MNN) The West Bengal government on Monday extended till June 30 the restrictions enforced earlier across the state in view of the surge in coronavirus cases, but gave further relaxations.

Shops and vendors, bazaars and hats relating to vegetables, fruits, groceries, milk, bread, meat and eggs shall be allowed to remain open between 7 am to 11 am only.

All shops other than mentioned above may remain open from 11 am to 6 pm.
Parks may remain open for morning walks and other physical exercises etc from 6 am to 9 am but only vaccinated people shall be allowed.

Retail shops in shopping malls and market complexes may remain open from 11 am to 6 pm with 25 per cent workforce with restricted entry of people/customers up to 30 per cent at a time.

Restaurants and bars, including in hotels and shopping malls, may remain open from noon till 8 pm with 50 per cent seating capacity.

The government said that the State Executive Committee of State Disaster Management Authority reviewed the current pandemic situation and recommended extension of restrictions but with gradual and calibrated approach to relaxations.

Earlier the state had notified certain restrictions as per the Disaster Management Act of 2005, read with West Bengal Epidemic Disease and Covid-19 Regulations 2020 – in effect till 6 pm on June 15.

Accordingly, in supersession of earlier orders issued in terms of these law and regulations, more relaxations have been given.

However, all schools, colleges, universities, polytechnics, anganwadi centres and other educational and academic institutions shall continue to remain closed.

All intra-state local trains, Metro and intra-state bus services and inland water transport shall also remain shut except for staff special trains for movement of emergency and essential services personnel.

Movement of private vehicles, taxis and auto-rickshaws will be prohibited, except to and from hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centres, clinics, airports, terminal points, and media houses etc.

All social, cultural, academic and entertainment related gatherings, groupings and congregations shall continue to be prohibited.

All beauty parlours, cinema halls, gyms, spa and swimming pools shall remain closed.

Not more than 50 persons shall be allowed at a time in marriages and other social gatherings and not more than 20 attendees at funeral or burials.

Government offices relating to emergency and essential services like healthcare, veterinary services, law and order, courts, social welfare homes, correctional services, power, drinking water supply, telecom, internet, print and electronic media, fire services, disaster management and civil defence, sanitation, sewerage and funeral services shall remain open as usual.

All government offices other than mentioned earlier will remain open as per normal working hours with 25 per cent staff strength.

Heads of Departments shall prepare a duty roster and facilitate transport arrangements for officials as required.

Private and corporate offices may remain open for restricted hours from 10 am to 4 pm, with not more than 25 per cent staff strength.

Employers shall make transport arrangements from their end and obtain e-passes from Kolkata Police/district administration.

All production units and industries including IT & TTES sector may function with 50 per cent of total strength in each shift, subject to vaccination of employees, wearing of masks and maintenance of physical distancing. Employers shall make transport arrangements from their end and obtain e-passes from Kolkata Police/district administration.

Operations relating to tea auctions may resume with 25 per cent of total strength.
Games and sports may resume in stadium and clubs with sports facilities but without spectators.

Indoor/ outdoor shooting and associated activities related to TV programmes and cinema may resume with not more than 50 persons per unit at a time, subject to vaccination, wearing of masks, maintenance of physical distancing and with own transport arrangements and e-passes from Kolkata Police/district administration.

E-commerce/home delivery of all commodities shall be allowed.

Banks and financial institutions shall remain open for restricted hours between 10 am to 2 pm and for operations of ATMs.

Petrol pumps, LPG gas offices and distribution centres shall remain open.

Print, electronic media and social media, MSOs and Cable operators shall remain open.

SEBI regulated and notified market entities shall remain open.
Wearing of masks, maintenance of physical distancing and health & hygiene protocol must be followed at all times.

Employers, management bodies, owners, supervisors of above mentioned work places shall be responsible for provisioning of all COVID safety measures including regular sanitisation of work places, vaccination of employees and for compliance of stated directives and COVID appropriate norms.

Employers shall make transport arrangements for their staff and employees from their own end. Work from home must be encouraged as far as possible and practical.

All outdoor activities including movement of people and vehicles shall be prohibited between 9 pm to 5 am except for health services, law and order, essential commodities including agricultural produce and other emergency services.

District administration, police commissionerates and local authorities shall ensure strict compliance of the stated directives.

Any violation of the aforesaid restriction measures will be liable to be proceeded against as per the provisions of Disaster Management Act, 2005 and under Indian Penal Code.

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