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BJP, AAP again spar on Delhi’s medical oxygen demand in April-May

New Delhi, June 25 (MNN) The BJP and AAP on Friday once again indulged in political recriminations as both accused each other of “lying” on the oxygen demand and supply in the national capital in April-May 2021.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia dubbed the BJP ‘Bharatiya Jhagdalu Party’ and said it had nothing worthwhile to do but to pick up fights with political rivals.

Sisodia denied existence of any report by a panel appointed by the Supreme Court to monitor and regulate the medical oxygen supply in Delhi which allegedly claimed that the AAP government had inflated and projected oxygen demand that was four times the actual need.

Sisodia dared the BJP to come out with such a report on medical oxygen needs of Delhi, and show who all members had signed it.

“The so-called oxygen audit report shared by BJP leaders has been used to abuse Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. This report just doesn’t exist. Let them show who all members signed the report,” Sisodia remarked angrily at a press conference.

“The BJP leaders make up a report sitting in their offices and then call it committee report. They have nothing else to do but to pick up fights with others,” the Aam Aadmi Party leader claimed.

He took a jibe at the BJP leaders and said that he had been watching ‘big’ leaders of the BJP, who were shouldering ‘big’ responsibilities, doing only one work – that of flaying Kejriwal through the media and social media platforms.

Sisodia said that any remarks against the Chief Minister on the issue were in fact abuse against all those people who had lost their dear ones due to oxygen shortage in Delhi in April.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted on Friday: “SC oxygen audit team finds Delhi government inflated its oxygen need by 4 times during peak and affected supply to 12 high caseload states. Hope accountability is fixed for disrupting oxygen supply across India.” He tagged along a media report in this regard.

BJP leader Sambit Patra too held a press conference to make the allegation and accused AAP leaders of playing dirty politics on the medical oxygen supply and demand.

Kejriwal posted on the social media later on: “My crime is I fought for oxygen for two crore people (in Delhi). When you were holding an election rally, I was waking up all night to arrange for oxygen. I fought, pleaded for the people to get oxygen. People have lost their loved ones due to lack of oxygen. Don’t call them liars, they feel so bad.”

AAP leader Raghav Chadha also said that they had spoken to the members of the oxygen audit committee. “They say there’s no such report that have been signed or approved by them. This is a mischievous act perpetrated by the BJP,” he claimed.

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