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Plan to overhaul education in Punjab like Delhi, Kejriwal woos teachers

Amritsar, Nov 23 (MNN) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday held out eight promises to the teachers ahead of Punjab Assembly elections, promising to make permanent all outsourced and contractual teachers when AAP came to power in the northern state.

“Like Delhi, we will also implement a transparent transfer policy in Punjab and take away the burden of non-teaching work off the shoulders of teachers,” the Aam Aadmi Party convener said here after meeting with representatives of teachers in the holy city.

He also promised that the AAP government will fill all vacancies of teachers, send teachers abroad for training, apart from ensuring cashless medical facilities for teachers and their families.

“If the Channi government did not accept the demands of teachers who are staging dharnas, I will meet the teachers and join their protests,” he said while claiming that only the AAP had the wherewithal and the method to reform the education sector as it had done in Delhi.

Kejriwal said that the Punjab teachers who met him here shared their woes regarding the state of education with him.

“In the past one-two months, many teachers hailing from different corners of Punjab have come and met with me — permanent, non-permanent, those from public or private schools and more. They told me that the condition of government schools in Punjab is dismal.

“As many as 24 lakh students study in these government schools, and their future is bleak due to the state of affairs in these schools. There is almost no trace of education. They told me that many of these schools don’t even have a single teacher for up to Class 7. Some others have just one teacher to manage all classes.

“Teachers told me that the Punjab government simply gets walls of these schools painted and ‘smart school’ written on them. This is how they make ‘smart schools’.”

Kejriwal claimed that in the last 70 years, both the BJP and Congress formed government in many states across the country but failed to develop the education sector.

“People of Delhi gave one chance to AAP and saw its results. We have totally revolutionised government schools in Delhi,” he said.

He called upon teachers to join the AAP movement in transforming the education sector in the northern state.

The AAP leader also met with businesspersons in Hoshiarpur later in the day.

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