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Journalism, in the least, is not for the faint of heart. It requires a certain level of courage and the ability to take the rough and tumble of a rigorously demanding profession in one’s stride. And we at Medley News Network are a firm votary of what a foreign woman journalist once said: Journalism is all about asking uncomfortable questions.

Uncomfortable questions to whom?

Firstly, and foremost, to the powers that be — so that the rights given to the people (not citizens) in the country by the Constitution of India are not trampled upon.

Secondly, to the venal bureaucrats if they transgress the rights of the common man; when they collude with equally venal politicians to play a fast one on the gullible, or voiceless, people.

Thirdly, to members of the civil society at large, so that course corrections can be taken in time.

We also believe that honesty is still the very best policy. Even if the straight and the narrow path is fraught with perils, one has to take it, whatever the consequences.

With these and many other cherished ideals in mind, we have set up the media company to be the voice of the people, for the people, and by the people.

As a media start-up, we aim to reach out to our esteemed readers with important news from around the world that really matters to them and not the news that is made to look as if it is the only one that matters.

The obnoxious harms that fake and paid news, not to talk of biased news, pose to the Indian democracy are too well known to be repeated here. So, we aim to bring really important news to our readers. And, with malice towards none. website has been launched with the avowed aim of providing news that really matters to our readers — with accuracy and speed. The company is based out of Chandigarh, and spearheaded by senior journalists Anand Gopal and Tajinder Bains who have long years of experience in the Indian print media. We hope to scale the lofty bar we have set for ourselves.


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