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As a media start-up, we would like to associate with like-minded journalists/freelancers who wish to pursue the profession for the common good of society. If you think you can contribute to the growth of the start-up in any way, please feel free to connect. We would rather be pleased to have on board honest and hardworking professionals – both on the desk and reporting sides — since we firmly believe that two wise heads are always better than one.

We would also welcome freshers and trainees who wish to pursue journalism as a profession and a passion. The criteria — one needs to be a wordsmith, has passion for journalism, thinks he or she can put his or her message across to the mass audience concisely and effectively.

Freshers/trainees would be taught what real journalism is all about and what a good journalist is expected to do. They will get hands-on experience in editing and reporting. Those with a felicity for words will get to rewrite copy in real time.

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